150+ Tabletop TUTORS™ Info-graphics (Complete Series; Eco-Scholar Pack)

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150+ Tabletop TUTORS™ Info-graphics (Complete Series; Eco-Scholar Pack)

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Tabletop TUTORS™ Complete Set  

Eco-Intelligent Lifestyle (Series) Includes:

· How Big Is Your Ecological Footprint?

· Do You Suffer from ‘Affluenza’?

· It’s Time to Create the New American Dream!

· Anxious or Depressed? Treat Your Brain to Nature!

· Are You ‘Cooking’ Your Brain with Your Cell Phone?

· Are You Crowding Out the World with Your Cell Phone?

· Is Network News Getting You Down?

· Exploring the Antidote to Toxic TV News

-Earthing for Screen Addicted Kids 

Eco-Intelligent Eating Model & Philosophy (Series) Includes:

· Eco-Intelligent Eating Model with Eco Tips

· Eco-Intelligent Eating Model Philosophy

· From Farm to Table: Organic Food Choices & Eco-Integration

· Eco-Negligent Eating Philosophy

· From Farm to Table: Industrial Food Choices & Eco-Disintegration

Eco Friendly Farming Principles (Series) Includes:

· Say No to GMO Foods & Farming Practices

· Farm & Eat Organic, Join the Organic Movement

· Seeds: Why We Must Protect Their Diversity

· The Wisdom of Compost

· Permaculture Fosters The Circle of Life!

· A World Without Honey Bees Is Unthinkable!

· Will You Help Save the Honeybees?

-Are Your & Other Living Things, Eating the World's Most Toxic Weedkiller? 

Where Does Food Come From? (Series) Includes:

· Where Does The Meat You Eat, Come From?

· Where Do The Dairy Products You Eat, Come From?

· Where Do the Fruits and Vegetables You Eat, Come From?

-Is The Fish on Your Menu Sustainable Raised? 

Eco-Friendly Cookware & Culinary Inspiration (Series) Includes:

· Are You an Eco-Conscious Cook?

· Choosing Eco-Conscious Cookware

· Is Your Microwave Oven ‘Zapping’ Your Health?

· Turning the Act of Cooking Into an Effort of the Soul

· Eating with the Seasons, a Way to Stay Balanced

· Creating a Therapeutic Meal with Color Rays that Heal!

-Why & How to Create a Sacred Kitchen 

-Empower Yourself in the Kitchen (Adopt a Culinary Archetype!) 

Custom Dietary Choices (Series) Includes:

· I’m A Health Loving, Eco-Conscious Vegetarian

· Ten Ecological Reasons for Eating One Vegetarian Meal a Week

· The Paleo Diet Is Ancestor Approved!

· What’s on a Paleo Plate?

· Chinese 5 Element Nutrition

· The Yin & Yang of Healthful Eating

Essential Health Awareness (Series) Includes:

· Hydrate for Health, Harmonize with the Environment

· Why to Eat (The Right Kind of) Salt

· Are the Colors in Your Meal Real, or Fake?

· Do the Bugs in Your Gut Make You Skinny or Fat?

Sweeteners: Whole & Un-Whole (Series) Includes:

· Savoring Nature’s Liquid Whole Food Sweeteners

· Unearthing Nature’s Healthiest Sugar Substitutes

· Is Sugar Toxic to Your Body Ecology?

· Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Hijacking Your Health?

· Fake Sweeteners: The Enemy of Good Health!

Fats: Healthy & Un-Healthy (Series) Includes:

· Hunting Down Healthy Fats

· Processed Vegetable Oils: The Unappetizing Truth!

· Coconut Oil: A Nutritional Prescription For the Aging Brain

· Butter for Your Brain, Your Bones, & Your Gut

- Savoring the Health Benefits of Ghee (Clarified Butter)  

Whole Foods Recipes (Series) Includes:

· How to Make A Nut Milk in 5 Simple Steps!

· “Go Nuts!” How to Make Creamy, Delicious Nut Butters 

· Sprout Your Way to Good Health (Sprouting Nuts and Seeds)

· Making Popcorn the Eco-Friendly Way!

· Making Natural Sodas…The Healthy, Homemade Way

· Heaven Scent Veggie Burger Recipes

-Delicious No-Bake Treats from Candia's Kitchen 

-Delightful Banana Date Quinoa Cookies from Candia's Kitchen 

- Heal Your Meal with Culinary Herbs 

- Heal Your Meal with Culinary Spices 

- Sweet Peruvian Pumpkin Pie

- 3 Tasty Wheat Free Corn (& No-Corn) Breads

- Wholesome Meatless Sloppy Joe's 

 Hormone Health for Men & Women:

-Are Toxic Chemicals Teaching Your Female Hormones to Misbehave?

- Balancing Female Hormones Naturally (with Whole Foods, Herbs, and Supplements)

- Are Toxic Chemicals Teaching Your Male Hormones to Misbehave?

·-Balancing Male Hormones Naturally (with Whole Foods, Herbs, and Supplements)

Eco-Conscious Moms & Dads to Be (Series) Includes:

-Babies in the Womb Are Ultra Conscious!

-Is Your Body ‘Clean Enough’ to Conceive and Grow a Baby?

-Boost Your Fertility with Foods vs. Synthetic Vitamins

-Why to Avoid Cell Phones When You’re Pregnant!

-Nurturing Your Unborn Baby's Well-Being with Sound and Music 

-Creating a Clean, Green Nursery for Your Baby-to-Be!

-Why Moms-To-Be Need to Think Twice about Getting a C-Section

--Why Does Medicine Push Vaccines?

-Is There an Alternative to Vaccines, Doctor?

-Diapering or ‘Not’ Diapering Your Baby’s ‘Tush’ The Eco-Conscious Way! l

Special Needs Youth & Adults- Autism/Candida Leaky Gut (Series) Includes:

-I'm the Parent of a Special Needs Child

-It Takes a Village to Raise a Child with Autism

-What is Autism? (Piecing Together the Puzzle)

-Are Your Child’s Brain Chemicals Misbehaving?

-Are Heavy Metals Igniting a Fire Inside of Your (Child’s) Brain?

-Is Your Child Dealing with e Methylation Issue? 

-Is There an Alternative to Vaccines, Doctor?

-Is Your Child Eating Foods that Excite Their Brain Cells to Death?

-Are You (Your Child) Eating ‘'Anti-Nutrients' that Stress Your Gut and Brain?

-Salicylates: Your Child’s Dietary Friend or Foe?

- Are Opiates in Your (Child's ) Diet Stimulating Unhealthy Food Addictions?    

- Can an Oxalate Reduction Diet Help Kids on the Autism Spectrum?  

-Glutamates: Are You Eating Your Way into  Neurological Health Issue? 

-Lectins: Helping or Hurting Your Child's Health?   

-Is Glyphosate Eroding Your Family’s Health?

-Eating to Defeat Autism Spectrum

-What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

-How Do You Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome?

- Do You (Your Child) Suffer from Gut Dysbiosis?

- How Does Your Gut Bacteria Affect Your (Child's) Health?

-What is Candida Yeast Syndrome?

-Eating to Defeat Yeast Syndrome

-Why Do Kids on the Spectrum Have Eating Issues?

Can Cannabis Help Kids with Autism?

-Managing Autism with Medical Cannabis

-I Am a Face on the Autism Spectrum

-Do People with Autism Spectrum Communicate Like Dolphins?

- Earthing for Screen-Addicted Kids and Teens   

Dairy & Soy Free Eating & Recipes (Series) Includes:

· Should You Rethink Soy?

· Why Can’t I Eat Dairy Products?

· Eco-Friendly Benefits of Raw Milk

· Say “Cheese!” Make Tasty, Nutritious, Nut & Seed Cheeses

· How to Make Delicious Dairy-Free Nut and Seed Yogurt

· How to Prepare Nut Milks in 5 Easy Steps 

-Time to Adopt  A Casein Free Diet? 

Wheat & Gluten Free Eating & Recipes (Series) Includes:

· Is Gluten in Your Diet Making You Sick?

· What Is Gluten Gut and What Can You Do About It?

· What to Eat for Breakfast, When Your Gut Says ‘No Wheat’!

· Savory Wheat-Free, Gluten Free, Snacks at Your Fingertips!

· Sweet Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Snacks at Your Fingertips!

· A Sandwich without Wheat and Gluten is a Lunch Worthy Treat!

· 6 Wheat-Free Muffins, Made Simple!

-Candia's Delightful Banana Date Quinoa Cookies 

Food & Mood (Series) Includes:

· Eat Your Way To a Better Mood!

· The Hard Truth about Soft Drinks!

· Unearthing the Merits of Fair Trade Coffee

· Romance Your Taste Buds with Organic Chocolate

- Are You Eating Foods that Excite Your Brain Cells to Death? 

Drugless, Holistic Health Care 

-Holistic Health Care vs. Conventional Health Care 

-What is Environmental Medicine? 

·- Is Your Dentist Eco-Friendly

·- Nature's Way to Heal Teeth & Gums

-Enhance Your Life Force with Scalar Light Healing Energy

-Do you Suffer from Mast Cell Activation Syndrome? (Recognize the Symptoms)

-Do Probiotics Have what It Takes to Cultivate a Healthy Gut & Microbiome?

-Have You Been Affected by Mold Toxicity?

- Does Your Child Have a Methylation Issue?(Did They Inherit it from You?)  

-Do You Experience OCD? 

-What in the World Causes OCD?  

12 Radical Self Care Tips for Managing & Healing the Symptoms of OCD  

· Chinese 5 Element Nutrition (for Body/Mind Balance) 

· The Yin & Yang of Healthful (Seasonal) Eating

-Can Cannabis Help Kids with Autism?

-Managing Autism with Medical Cannabis

Eco-Friendly Beauty & Non-Toxic Personal Care (Series) Includes:

· Do the Ingredients in Your Pit Stick and Pit Spray, STINK?

· Do You Pollute Your Body, or Pamper It, The Eco-Friendly Way?

· Clean Beauty, Toxic Beauty, Which Do You Choose?

· Is Your Fragrance A Health Hazard To You and Others?

· The Toxic Truth about Feminine Hygiene Products

-Is Your Mascara Safe for Your Eyes & Eco-Friendly? 

Non-Toxic Laundry & Eco-Friendly Clothing (Series) Includes:

· Where Do The Clothes on Your Back Come From?

· Are You Dressed in Toxic Clothing?

· Is Your Clothing Eco-Conscious?

· Why to Green Clean Your Clothing!

· 7 Easy Ways to ‘Green Wash’ Your Clothing

-Is Your Laundry Soap Sickening You and the Planet? 

Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly House Cleaning (Series) Includes:

· Why to Green Clean Your Home!

· How to Make Your Own Green Cleaning Aids

-Ditch Your Toxic Indoor Air Fresheners for Clean, Green Houseplants 


Tabletop TUTORS are colorful, text-rich info-graphics that support you in learning about and teaching others about eco-intelligent living. The posters are a stellar alternative to full length books, which many people find themselves too busy to read. The graphic elements and text featured on the posters give the brain a way to absorb information in small, digestible chunks. For this reasons, they offer to be useful to those with reading or learning challenges.   

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